PRM Marine Transmissions

PRM marine transmissions have established a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and service performance, making them the ideal choice for pleasure, workboat and fishing vessel applications.

All hydraulically operated PRM marine transmissions feature twin countershaft design, which enables full rated power to be transmitted in ahead or astern, with either right or left hand propellers. PRM80 and 120 are mechanically actuated with adjustment-free cone clutches.

When correctly matched to engine and propeller, every PRM marine transmission unit will provide trouble free operation for many years.

Installation Flexibility

Purpose designed for marine use, all standard version PRM gearboxes have output shafts vertically offset from the crankshaft centre-line. However to cater for the installation demands of the widest range of hulls, both the PRM260 and PRM750 are available with an in-line configuration, while down angle options are offered on the PRM750 (8deg) and PRM1000 (10deg), excluding the 4-1 ratio versions.

PRM80, PRM120 and PRM150 units are suitable for use with left-hand (anti-clockwise at flywheel) rotating engines only. In standard form, all other PRM gearboxes are built for use with left-hand rotating engines, but can be converted simply to accommodate right-hand (clockwise) rotation engines by turning the oil pump through 180deg.

A wide range of mounting adapters are available to enable PRM gearboxes to be fitted to most popular engine models. An engine/gearbox chart is available on request.

And of course PRM offer a one year warranty as standard on all their models.